Full Membership

Becoming a Full Member
Who is this for?
If you are a swimmer that has just completed a trial membership, or you have previously been a member of a competition swimming club in Australia, then it’s time to sign up as a full member of both Swimming SA and our club. Full membership means you are properly registered and insured, and you are able to enter competitions.

A note about Membership Fees
Membership involves joining both Swimming SA and our club, each with separate membership fees.

• Swimming SA Membership Fees – Swimming SA membership is purchased on-line via Swim Central.

• Club Membership Fees – you will receive an invoice from the club treasurer and fees can then be paid via bank transfer. If you have any questions about the fees that will apply to you, please contact the club President or Treasurer.

Steps to register your Full Membership

Step 1 – Set up your Swim Central Account (if not already done) and purchase Swimming SA Membership

Swim Central – https://swimcentral.swimming.org.au/home

Swim Central is a web-based system run by Swimming Australia, used to manage membership details, swimming events, and a range of other administration activities. You will need to create a Swim Central account if you don’t already have one.

Swimming SA Membership

By purchasing a Swimming SA membership you will….

• be a registered member of Swimming SA, and be associated with our club

• be able to enter swimming competitions anywhere in SA or the rest of Australia

• be covered by personal injury insurance The types of membership available are outlines at Swimming SA Membership fees

Guidelines to setup Membership The following guidelines will take you through:

• how to create a Swim Central Account

• how to create a family group (if necessary), and

• how to purchase membership for each member of the group. You can access the step-by-step guide at How to Register and Purchase SSA Membership

The Swimming SA Handbook can be ordered directly from Swimming SA – here ( https://swimmingsa.myshopify.com/ )

Step 2 – Sign up with our Club (MPASC)

Club Membership

By becoming a club-member you are able to participate in club training sessions and social events, and benefit from being a part of a vibrant and family-friendly community organisation. Our club requires new families to provide information about any swimmers medical conditions that we need to be aware of, how best we can communicate with you, etc. We collect this information via an on-line survey. The survey with also collect the information we need in order to register you for access to Woodside Army Barracks where we train for some sessions.

Woodside Army Barracks

We hold some training sessions at an indoor 25m pool at the Woodside Army Barracks. To access training at Woodside we need you to provide certain details of the swimmers, drivers names and car registration so we can pass this on to the security team at the Barracks. This information is collected as part of completing the survey (see below).

Club Membership Survey

Provide relevant information to our club by completing our survey @ Club Membership Survey. Note there may be some duplication of details already provided via Swim Central.

Notify Club Registrar

Please send an email to our club Registrar (details below) who will then make sure you are regsitered as a club member using the details in the survey. Once your membership is complete you will recieve an invoice from the club in due course requesting payment of your membership fees. For more information in respect to Club Membership fees please our Fee Schedule.


We use “Stack Team App” in the club to effectively communicate to member

You can Download Stack Team App from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store

Once registered in the App then Search for Mountain Pool and request to join as a Parent or Swimmer

The request will go to an Admin to approve

Safe Sport Environments

As a club we also are under an obligation to provide a Safe Sport Environment for our swimmers, and we also suggest that parents of swimmers also hold a current Working with Children Check, for more information and how to apply for a WWCC see Safe Sport Environments. If you currently hold a valid Working with Children Check, these can be uploaded to your Swim Central account.

Questions? Miriam Fromentin – Club Registrar (registrarmpasc@outlook.com)

Aaron Newman (Club President) 0409 675 547