Each swimming season there are 60 – 70 competitions in South Australia in which our swimmers can compete. There are also interstate and national competitions open to those swimmers that have achieved the necessary qualifying times.
Information on South Australian competitions
Swimming SA Handbook Of Events
Each family should purchase a copy of this handbook for the coming season. It provides an important and easy reference to all SA competitions for the season which extends from 1 October to 30 September the following year. Handbooks are generally available in July/August and can be purchased through our club or online on Swimming SA website (while stocks last).
Swimming SA Web site
Swimming SA maintains a rolling list of upcoming events on their web site at
or for an overview please see the 2020-21 Competitions Calendar
Entry to these events is via Swim Central through the events calendar once uploaded to the site.
Information on interstate and national competitions
Each state has its own swimming association with its own web site, similar to Swimming SA.
For national competitions, information can be found on the Swimming Australia web site at

SA Competitions Relevant To Mountain Pool ASC
This table outlines the types of competition relevant to most swimmers at our club. Those more experienced in our club will already be familiar with other competitions at national level. Note that SC refers to “Short Course” and indicates competitions in a 25m pool, while LC refers to “Long Course” and indicates competitions in a 50m pool.

Choosing Competitions To Enter
Ultimately it is up to each individual swimmer to choose the events they wish to attend, and the races they wish to swim at those events. However please keep in mind the following guidelines…..
New swimmers should always consult with coaches to make sure you have turns and starts correct
New swimmers should also check with the nominations officer or senior club members to see if there are other swimmers attending – it is always useful to have an experienced swimmer ‘show you the ropes’It is important to not over-commit to races at an event – space out your races to allow for rest and recovery, and consider that you may be asked to swim in relay events

Targeted events for the club:

Younger swimmers should not focus too early on a favourite stroke – it is important to continue to develop and improve across all strokes
Process To Enter Competitions
On-line Entry
All entries are now completed via Swim Central, which is linked to the events calendar on the Swimming SA website.
On nominating in the chosen event, you will be prompted to pay the relevant entry fees.

Entering Relay Teams
Club Coaches and club Nominations Officer will design suitable relay teams, and confirm with all swimmers that they are happy to swim those relays. The Nominations Officer will then submit relay team entries to the hosting club, and the club will bear the cost of the associated relay entry fees.

Costs Involved
Competition entry costs vary considerably and are set by the hosting club or organisation. Events held at the SA Aquatic Centre tend to be the most expensive.
Costs at club carnivals are generally set at around $3-$5 per race OR set per event
Costs at JX, Div 2 and Div 1 events are generally around $10 per race OR set per event
Costs at State Championship events are generally around $17-$20 per race

What to take
Below is a good checklist of items to take to a swim meet.
Money for pool entry (usually for spectators only), program, raffle and food
Healthy snacks (fruit, pasta, dry biscuits, muesli bars stc)
Drinks – water bottles and sports drinks
2-3 towel and plastic bag for wet items at the end of the meet
2 pairs of goggles and 2 swim caps (one always breaks!)
Club Uniform, with bathers already on underneath so you are ready for warm-up
Spare pair of bathers
Hats and sunburn cream for outdoor meets
Change of clothes for after meet
Pens and highlighters for marking events in program
Deck chairs and picnic rugs (not needed at SA Aquatic Centre)
What to do at competitions
Plan to arrive at least 15 minutes prior to advertised warm-up start time, in order to have time to find your teammates and get set for the day.
On arrival check in with the Team Manager, and then see the Coach for warm up instructions
Refer to the program for information on warm ups, marshalling, time-keeping, order of events, etc
Highlight in the program the races you are swimming – many swimmers also write their events on their arms with marker pens
During the meet keep an eye on the marshalling board so you know when to marshal for your next race
Experienced swimmers should assist younger ones by escorting them to their first marshalling, etc
At completion of the meet ensure that you have packed up all your personal gear, then help with cleaning up the site, packing up shade, etc.
Offer to help with time-keeping – all parents will be asked to help meet the time-keeping requirements for the club – it’s easy, it’s fun and it’s also the best seat in the house!
Offer to help with other officiating roles – at many events participating clubs are assigned a certain number of officials roles that their club must fill – you don’t have to be qualified, and we encourage all parents to be involved to support the running of meets
Parents of junior swimmers should help them keep track of their events so they arrive to marshalling on time and don’t miss their race