MPASC Commitee & Key Position Holders 2022/2023

President (Executive Committee)Aaron Newman
Vice-President (Executive Committee)Sarah Hill
Secretary (Executive Committee)Stephan Fourie
Treasurer (Executive Committee)Miriam  Fromentin
Committee MemberWendy Hammond
Victoria Dewallef
Christina Liemareff
Kaitlyn Richards
Head CoachHenry Fielke
Registrar (Committee Member)Miriam Fromentin
Nominations and Publicity Officer & Recorder of Times (Committee Member)Stephan Fourie
Member Protection Information OfficerStephan Fourie
Complaints Officer  Stephan Fourie
Compliance Officer  Stephan Fourie
Recruitment OfficerAll Committee Members
EDSA Delegate  Sarah Hill Victoria Dewaleff Kaitlyn Richards
Swimming SA DelegateAaron Newman
Grants OfficerSandy Mann
Head OfficialStephan Fourie
Sponsorship Co-ordinatorTodd Schulz
Trophy StewardKaitlyn Richards
Uniforms OfficerChristina Liemareff Sarah Hill
Social Media ManagerSandy Mann
Website Manager  Stephan Fourie
Countries CoordinatorAll Committee Members
Social & Event Committee                                                                                                                                   As needed per event
Social & Event Committee ChairAs needed per event
Fundraising CommitteeAs needed per event  
Fundraising Co-ordinatorTodd Schulz
Country Championships Organising CommitteeAll Committee Members